Monday, December 29, 2008

Israel VS...Hummus?

But chickpeas never hurt any...wait a second...oh. Never mind.
Freshly ironic:
Hamas fires rockets into Israel daily, but it only becomes newsworthy when Israel defends herself.
While this has been a wake up and pay attention moment for many, Debbie Schussel, a blogger/journalist/lawyer/movie critic whom I read daily has been paying attention, and has an answer for the "Why now?" question:
Here's a squib from Debbie:
"Don't Get Too Excited. You're buying into the latest campaign tactic of losing candidate for Prime Minister, Tzipi Livni--a complete doompa a/k/a Olmert in a skirt and makeup. Anyone who thinks this latest "salvo" against HAMAS is of any significance whatsoever, really doesn't know much about Israel and hasn't been paying attention to goings on there for the last couple of decades, especially the last several years."

Livni is, in Schlussel's estimation, another Olmert, who tried to appease the unPeaceful
by giving away Israeli land.
So why would Livni suddenly turn Hawkish? Bibi. Elections are coming up, and Hawk Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu is looking to return as Prime Minister, booting her out.
So this sudden war may simply be an attempt by Livni to remain in power.
I think Schlussel may be correct, but I also think it possible that Israel is getting tough because it realizes that the Obama administration may withdraw support the United States has favored Israel with for decades. Israel would then be standing alone among the nations...but fear not. God is in control, and Israel will not be wiped from the face of the earth. I pity the fools who go up against Israel. Can you say roasted chickpeas?