Friday, December 05, 2008

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Suing AT&T

...over the co-opting of their unofficial slogan:
"More bars in more places".

Hey! T'is the stinkin season to get stinkin drunk! Only 26 more days until NEW DREARS EVE! Yahhhooooozzziiieee!
Alcoholics are saving their bar cash to have a real blow out December 31st. Some will be saucehitting a little lighter this year during the preliminary rounds, Dec 24-26, due to the financial fiasco falling like lead all around us but HEY! Any reason to drink is a good reason to overimbibe!
Get it out! Get it out! Anyone trying to tell you to hold back and remain sober is just a loser clinging bitterly to their own sobriety. Leaves more for you, man. Last one drunk is the first one driving home.

It wasn't quite Melissa Etheredge that brought about this post, but hers was the first "Christmas song" to catch my eye today at iTunes store. One of many "Christmas" songs abusing our eardrums, making mockery of Christ not by the lyrics, but by the lives lived which have nothing to do with Christ except to get as far away from Him as possible.
Willie Nelson singing "O Little Town of Bethlehem" doesn't confirm in your mind that he has become a Christian. You don't expect him to start showing up in Gaither Homecoming videos.
To quote Sweet Comfort Band, who suggest Christ saying, "Don't sing me a love song, if the lyric and your life don't rhyme."
So what was that business at the top of the page?
Me, Doug, a confirmed non-drinker making fun of someone else's "Holiday". Me, a fake drunk, just as many in the coming weeks will be fake Christians.
"That's not fair, Doug! Christmas means different things to different people!"
But Christ is unchanging. Christians honor His birth, life, death and resurrection. We honor the risen Christ Who reigns in Heaven and will someday return to put earth's house in order. I'm offended when someone mocks my Lord. Dogs barking "Silent Night" or Madonna singing Christmas carols fall into that category.

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