Sunday, February 08, 2009

G.K.I.O.D. 2-11-2009

Join my dream. Not yet in progress, but join me in celebrating the idea of 'Global Knock It Off Day'.
I'm thinking Wednesday, February 11th, 2009, if that's good for you. Here's how it works:
On that Day, all grudges are done and over with. All nursed resentments and hatreds around the world
would expire this coming Wednesday-no new blood oaths for recent outrages will be sanctioned. None.
Not a one. Red Light Green Light remains Red, the music stops at midnight and whichever chair or country you hold at that moment is all you get, so be happy with it.

Israel? Gaza? Iran? All done fighting. Work on improving the lives of those in your countries.
Japan? China? Korea? It's over-at Midnight Wednesday you have to make nice with your neighbors, treating each other as you want to be treated...where have I heard that before?

Excuse me, were your great grands slaves? Bought/Sold? Emancipation was proclaimed 130some years ago-let it go, earn your own way. Forget about being owed anything for what happened 140some years ago.
Are you descended from someone dispossessed of land 300some years ago? Get in line-no one owns land-you take nothing with you when you die, including deeded properties. My great great great grands got chased out of more countries than you can count on your aggrieved left hand. I have no simmering hatred for any of the landowners who dispossessed my relatives in Ireland, Scotland, England, Norway, Sweden, Germany, or Canada. I have no beef with anyone long dead and gone. You say they were bad people-are you better?
Muslims? Stuck on Red Light, meaning that you stay where you are permanently. Everyone else will also abide.
By the bye-there's no 'Or else'. I have no club or Q-bomb to threaten the world with. I keep hearing about how civilized we have become-this is our chance to prove that we have moved beyond threats, counter threats, demands and grievances. Let it go and live in Peace.
Global Knock It Off Day. Who's with me?

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