Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Keeping On Trakai

It occurred to me that ‘Prosperity Preachers’ who subvert the Gospel and suck in the gullible might have a hard sell in the near future. What is the use of promising people that ‘God wants them to be rich!’ if President Obama has determined that ‘the Rich’ are the main villains in his Grand Guignol game?
The picture above is of the island resort named Trakai, near Vilnus, Lithuania.
I have a friend whose family used to vacation there. She is one of the teachers in the windmill picture below.
Lithuania after the fall of Communism was in bad shape.
Their economy was nonexistent, as the USSR had run everything…right into the ground. It was a broken country…which has healed with time, time and the perseverance of Lithuanians. The people never gave up on their country; the young people, my friend’s generation, have worked hard to make their Lithuania thrive.
President Obama can ‘redistribute the wealth’ in the name of equity and fairness, but no matter the amount of harm he does to our country in the short term, he is doomed to fail. We are a better country than he supposes. He is only a man, this generation’s Jimmy Carter, and that’s not a compliment.

"My Country, tis of Thee
Sweet land of Liberty
Of Thee I sing!"

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