Friday, September 04, 2009

Everything Old Is Old Again, Or, Striving After Wind

“Lord, make me to know my end
And what is the extent of my days;
Let me know how transient I am.
Behold, You have made my days as handbreadths,
And my lifetime as nothing in Your sight;
Surely every man at his best is a mere breath. Selah.
Surely every man walks about as a phantom;
Surely they make an uproar for nothing;
He amasses riches and does not know who will gather them.”
Psalm 39:4-6

The more I think about God being Sovereign over all things, the less I worry about the stupid stuff Men do.
Man continually rages against Man and God. I’m over it.
The current crisis, the latest war, the daily hatred can be summed up in:…Mankind acting up all ‘Man-unKind’.
One blessing from God which has kept man from destroying all life: we sleep for one third of our lives, so we can only get 2/3rds as vicious as we would like. Kings, peasants, Hitlers and Caesars all are limited to 2/3rds troublesome. Including me, thank God.

“Why are the nations in an uproar
And the people devising a vain thing?” Man at his best is a mere breath. And he uses that breath within him to curse God and man. I’m glad we’re all transient! Do you realize that “IMPORTANT MEN” (oxymoron)
Build tributes to themselves(or have followers who build tributes) in the vain hope that they will be remembered? Eiffel Tower? Washington Monument? Lincoln Memorial?
We all die, and I would be ashamed to show up in Heaven with a granite likeness of “Doug” polluting the landscape down here. I’m a mere breath, and I prefer to use that breath to Praise God.

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