Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dr Domo

A doctor named Smet
Caught my ear’s eye-
Contrived and voluted
his writing is mooted
and that is his best

I’m extending grace to Dr Smet, but I have to temper it with a little justice. He won’t ever read this, unless he Goooogles his monica and appears fuming over my horizon.
I’m a forgiving cuss, and when I come across typos online, I assume that the writer is so confident in his or her write-ability that spell/grandma checks are deemed unnecessary. I usually just move on, but in a movie review a DOCTOR prescribed these pills:
“A streak of loses”
“becomes Clough ones he appears on the screen.”
And my favorite: “efaturette”.
Blu-ray dot com is the depository for Dr Smet Atanasov review glory. I’m guessing that English is not his native language-his writing is formal, over-intellectualized, and he seems to be throne by homophones.
I would like to see a picture of an efaturette, though.
I do not seek praise, but I am pleased with the few lines beginning this post-I decided that Smetty would be best honored with a broken limerick. The second line refuses to rhyme the first by design. Which is put-offing, but fine.

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