Monday, August 10, 2009

A Six Thousand Dollar Hammer!

The US Gov just paid six thousand per for tiny hammers to crush in the skulls of fetuses aborted under Obamacare! SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS! I'm outraged! (And they were made in China!) In case you have to be told, this is sarcasm. Not reality. Carrying on muggage.

I just finished watching another video of a Demoncrat, Rep. Niki Tsongas (D-MA) facing a mixed crowd of antagonized citizens and Democrat shills. Tsongas failed to win over the citizens, though I must admit that the paid Democratic shills holding the professionally printed signs seemed to be in her pocket.
One of the points she suggests would be a triumph for Obamacare was this: when a doctor is sitting with a family who must make the tough decision as to whether or not to end a loved one’s life by withdrawing treatment...that doctor’s time would be reimbursable to Medicare/Obamacare. He or she can bill the government for sitting with the family. A triumph of Obamacare over the old system where a doctor working in a hospital is paid by the hospital. And the doctor was sensitive to what the family was going through. Doctors and nurses have compassion, not governmentally mandated billable sensitivity.
Yesterday I was gathered among the oldest citizens on earth, many of them smoking like smokestacks. Under Obamacare most of them would be denied more expensive treatments as they had already utilized their life potential.
Which brings us to Richard Matheson.
If you don’t recall the name, it’s okay. He’s a writer, and you’ve seen some of his stories made into movies; he was well represented on the old “Twilight Zone”.
50 some years ago he wrote a story in which near Utopia had been achieved by society. No war, no hunger, everybody getting along.
But this was achieved through rules, mandated by the Government. Only capable, useful citizens were allowed to survive.
Older people had to be tested once a year to prove that their abilities/mental faculties were within the Government mandated levels. The story begins with an adult son going over the tests with his father, who isn’t quite as sharp as he was the year before.
The old man is angry and frustrated; his son’s pleading is the only reason he puts up with the practice testing.
If a senior citizen fails the Government testing, they are immediately executed. No going home for goodbyes, no hanging on and being a drain on the Utopia.
The son and father both know that he won’t pass this time. He’s just doesn’t measure up. The son doesn’t know what to do, but the father takes action. The night before his Test he goes to a pharmacy which will sell a “Black Pill” to seniors under the counter. The old man beats the system by dying at home with dignity, surrounded by his family.
Matheson. The story is much better written than my synopsis.
Many Democrats are just as upset at the idea of Obamacare as we on the Right are. We seem to be Dem and Repub standing together against the FAR Left of President Obama and his Washingtonian Greek chorus.
I am so grateful that we will be holding mid-term elections next year. Look for many worried Democrats to pull away from President Obama to save their seats. What a world!


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