Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday On Wednesday

Haven't randomized lately-too much too little too late...a lyric from the eighties which segues us into moviepost, specifically an eighties movie which has had audiences 'wondering what the' for over 20.
"Brazil", by Terry Gilliam. I picked up/watched the Criterion edition the other day, and it still has quite an impact. So many villains, so many sacred cows torched or upended. It struck me that the Wachowskis (formerly the Wachowski brothers) should be paying royalties to Gilliam for using elements of "Brazil" in both "The Matrix" and "V For Vendetta" (relax-I know that "V" is adapted from a graphic novel, is not their invention. They still owe Gilliam.) If you want to see the whole 9.5 yards of "Brazil" in all of it's director's cut glory, Joe Bob says check it out.
Mid-Summer, and I feel good. Even though feelings don't rule, I still am affected by them, just like everyone. It feels good to feel good.
I ran across an alleged "Former Christians Support site" the other, which purported to be the domain of those who no longer believe in God. It did make me laugh. They are what I like to call liars. They 'were' Christian in the same way that some liberals pretend to be Republicans while posting racial/homophobic/evil comments on websites. What's that term? Oh yeah-Sock puppets.
So the faux Christian sock puppets join this "Former Christian" site and what do they do? Talk about how wonderful their lives are now? How happy they are? Nope-just more and more griping and complaining about God and Christians. Psalm 14:1 all over the place. Thus endeth the random thoughts.

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