Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pontius Pilate: What is Truth?

Hey Ponty, Truth was staring you right in the face when you said that.
Which is a thumbnail view of what is what.
Since the snake deceived Eve, the lying and misrepresenting has just been going on just terrible across the face of the globe.
Mr. Alfred Yankovik many years ago wrote a song called, “Everything You Know Is Wrong” and while the verses are humorous, there is quite a bit of truth in the title.
Nothing on our side of heaven is absolute-we do learn some truths, which we pass down from father to son.
But the three thimblefulls of truth we cling to are lost in the oceans of false ideas passed down as truth.
Here’s a litmus test for truth-the more true something is, the harder and deeper the misinformation is spewed to try to wash that truth away.
Here’s an example from your daily life. Israel. Birthday-May 14, 1948.
Objective truth-Israel is a country, sovereign within it’s own borders, just like every other country in the world.
To this day you can find 18 gazabillion (see what I did there?) websites decrying that fact as fiction. You can find a few billion people who wish that it weren’t so. But there Israel sits, soaking up all the good sunshine to this day.
God-you know the one I mean, the One who created everything, saw sin ruin His creation, made a way for the Creation to be restored through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. He’s also the one who set apart Israel as His special possession. The hollarin’ over THAT has been pretty bad.
You will hear more lying and misrepresenting about God in a single day than Israel gets in a decade.
Why? Because if God is right, and you reject God, everything you know is wrong.
Start with one conjectured idea: the Christians (you know the ones I mean) are right about God.
If they are right, all other religions are false. And you are doomed.
So, how would you handle that conjectured idea? Pretend that the Christians are wrong?
Congrats-you just took your place with the liars and misrepresenters.
Pretend that no one is right?
Same verse, stinks like the first.
Accept the truth and bow before God asking for mercy?

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