Thursday, August 27, 2009

"I'm Not Stuck in Here with You, You're Stuck in Here with Me!"

Ah, the fun to be had in reading a book in which some Christians say bad things about other Christians! No! Not in front of the civilians!
It's a good thing pagans can't read, or at least won't read this stuff.
Though they (the paganists) might enjoy the 'Christian-on-Christian-strong-dislike-for-their-stupid-views' debate, the worry ever present is that the Christians might turn away from their uncivil war and begin to proselytize the spectators.
I'm a few chapters in to Dave Hunt's "What Love Is This? Calvinism's Misrepresentation of God". Hoo-boy.
Possibly I'm too worldly, hardly spiritual enough to fight in that battle. I am not a Calvinist, or an 'Arminian'. Calvinian? Arminist? And what of Hobbes?
I'm making light of the light bearers, but bear with me-rather than join in the argu-fight
I am a contentious objector. If the Calvinists wish to expend energy showing the Arminians the errors of their ways(at full volume) they can do it without me.
On the 180* (or verse vica) , the Arminian camp of Dave Hunt can include me out. His book (so far), though filled with quotations and footnotes, is weak on logic, long on emotional appeal. I get enough of that from the Obama administration.
I'll just stick to the Bible, and fellowship with my fellow Christians, contemplating the Savior who unites us. Works for me.

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