Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sometimes The Snake...

   Wins the battle of a day or a few days, but ultimately the snake loses eternally.
Or I could say 'loses, has lost Eternity'.
The very first Community Organizer to infest this planet was the snake in the Garden of Eden.
He told the community that they couldn't trust God, that He (God) was afraid that that they (A&E) would be like God if they wised up.
God was keeping the MAN down, you see. And Man should be angry about that, angry and mistrustful of God.
   Things haven't changed much. People are still allowing snakes (some in suits) to get them riled up and angry, snakes who channel and direct that anger to achieve Snake goals.
Snakes love chaos, and make great use of the baser emotions of fools.
   Do yourself a favor-next time someone tries to light your fire of indignation, to USE your emotions for his purposes...think twice and don't allow yourself to be used. One day, all snakes will be Hisssssstory!

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