Monday, June 21, 2010

You Waltz In Here...

“Your waltz in here
With a handful of gimme
A mouthful of multiplies
I go home feeling empty
From all your signifies”

Fred Neil-”Handful of Gimmie”
“Bleecker and MacDougal”-1965

What a beautiful day! Even in the most grim, we can grin.
I love the contraction Fred used in the third line of his song:
“multiple lies=multiplies”-concise.
So yes, I am suggesting that President Obama has a handful of gimmie-in that he has constantly declared that he needs MORE power, MORE control in order to achieve his goals.
Not our goals-a stable economy, a secure border, Peace-
HIS goals-more more more of the world as he imagines it, less less less of the one we grew up in.
I think he’s beginning to believe his own press, which is dangerous.
Once upon a time there was another “Community Organizer” who wanted to re-set the world as he saw fit.
Unlike Obame, he was laughed at until he made a power grab which landed him in prison.
Very much like Obama, he wrote his autobiography at an early age, but from his jail cell.
But enough about Adolph Hitler.
Here would be a good rule of thumb for President Obama to adopt:
He should refuse/withdraw from any additional Presidential power which he would not like to see wielded by a Republican President.
Remember the Golden rule-”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Meaning that if President Obama wants to be a good President, he should treat others as he wants to be treated.
Too simple?
Right now he expends political capital making enemies of any and all who do not agree with his agenda.
Who refuses to budge an inch? Megalomaniacs and egotists who do not respect anyone but themselves.
And drunks. I just remembered a beauty-
Back when I was working maintenance for a ski resort, my duties included security. One January 1st, the day after you know what, I’d been herding sheepish drunks all night, working a 15 hour shift.
Ten in the morning, I’m driving down the road to our woodlot, and I find a young couple trudging along, heading nowhere.
Guess what? I was cursed and called a liar because the guy KNEW where he was going, and he wasn’t going to listen to ANYONE!
If he had been alone, he might still be on that trail, but his lady friend look tired and about ready to keel over. It took both her and I arguing with the great scout to convince him to get into the truck-I took them back to their resort, and though she thanked me, he had nothing good to say.
Going the wrong way down a dead end road…
Won’t listen to anyone…
Cursing those who disagree with him…
But enough about Barack Obama.


Doug said...

If you iTunes, you could do worse than picking up Fred Neil's album
"Bleecker and MacDougal"-"Blues on the ceiling" is a great song, and the rest is pretty good.
As for the President-he will be ignored and most of his agenda overturned in the next few years.
There's a reason why Jimmy Carter failed, and why Obama will fail-both tried to remake America, and America says NO!

Anonymous said...

Cato said the same things about Bush!

I guess you can't please everyone!

I'm glad I don't have his job, that's all I can say.

- James

Anonymous said...

My new hero is the general who just got free from Obama's ignorancy.
Obama doesn't want to lead, he wants to rule...and he's losing ground every day. If I had opportunity to ask President Obama one question, it would be:
"Why should we believe anything that you say?"
Time for work...Devo?