Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Heaven's Freshman Class

I hope that no one thinks that my title for this post is disrespectful. It is this:
God sets the number of our days, and when our personal summation is reached, then we are done down here.
It could be a life of hours or days, or a life stored in decades-done is done. Those of the remainder,we who have not yet reached our day...we grieve, we cry, we look forward to our being re-united with those we love. That's part of life, too.
Daily around the planet there are souls set free from the earthly encumbrances who are being welcomed into Heaven. We are almost like backwards rain, falling up.
The freshman class of 2010 is at Peace, and among their number are some of my friends and family. Peace...a wonderful word, a promise from God.
May God Bless you today, and may we someday meet in Heaven.


Doug said...

May God Bless you as often as you Bless Him!

James said...

Have you ever felt the presence of those who have passed on? I know your faith forbids you to attempt to try to contact them directly (although I'm not certain why attempting to make contact with one's loved ones is a wicked thing), but have you ever passively felt or experienced an indication that they were near?

Doug said...

Hello Jim-"paranormal" stuff-stuff beyond our understanding-happens all of the time. I myself have had plenty of 'experiences' thoughout my life, but don't fall for the fallacy that "ghosts" are departed spirits wandering the earth. Feeling the "presense of grandma" is only a feeling, and feelings can't be trusted as they are easily manipulated.
I've written about some of my paranerdal expereinces in the past-feel free to check my archives.
By the way, King Saul's faith forbid him from trying to contact the dead, but he tried to reach Samuel the prophet-google that and see what happened. ;)