Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Quiet! Miracle In Progress!"

The concept of a “Miracle”: God interrupts His Creation in a special way-plagues of locusts, waters parting, people raised from the dead. Stuff only God can do He does, so that the people of His Creation know that He is there, and that they should Glorify Him.
But God is not a far off God, a distant Zeus tossing lightning bolts down from Mount Oly.
He also reveals His presence in “quiet Miracles”; for example:
1. You exist. That God is loving and patient is proven by the miracle that He didn’t totally destroy humanity back before you were born. I guarantee you that your great grand grand grands going back to the Flood were just as big a stinkers as you are and yet, through His Grace, they survived, and here you are.
2. The world continues to exist. We love our planet, we enjoy God’s Creation, but many ignorant bipeds act as if THEY own it.
God could snap His fingers and make it all go away. He won’t, as He has plans for His Creation which no hammerhead human can possibly frustrate.  But the world, the heavens, all of His Creation belongs to Him.
3. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son”
You don’t hear about souls being saved. You won’t find a mention in your local paper that Bobbi Simpson gave her life to Christ last week. It will never be reported on CNN that someone repented and was restored to a right relationship with God.
This is a very quiet miracle, one happening daily as God draws peoples to Himself. May that miracle happen to you.


Doug said...

Another miracle about our existence-God sets the time for each of us to inhabit this little globe, and whether it is mere moments or 100 years, God does the timing.
Look for another post sooner than

James said...

"That God is loving and patient is proven by the miracle that He didn’t totally destroy humanity back before you were born"

Is God sovereign? That is, does He decide the level of "badness" or "goodness" that people will be and act upon? If He is, why would He intentionally create people that He desires would rebel against Him? Doesn't make much sense to me.

Doug said...

Hello James-welcome back. You're thinking wrong, friend.
"All have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God"
We're ALL bad, myself very much included.
God is indeed sovereign. And He chooses whom to save or not save, not based on how good or bad someone is (as we are all bad) but simply by His choice. If He says you're in, you are in. If he says out, then out.
You might think, "Well, then why do Christians preach at everyone, if God already has decided who goes where?"
Because He told us to do so in what is called "The Great Commission". Our preaching doesn't save anyone, but God uses our efforts to draw people to Himself.
Preaching is also a judgement against a world which won't listen to God. Isaiah was sent to preach to Israel at a time when they were ignoring God. That they wouldn't listen to Isaiah was a judgement against them. Same holds true today.