Monday, December 20, 2010

Gotcha Covered, Ace!

Lets see...on the 21st of December we have the Winter Solstice (Northern Hemi), with a bonus lunar eclipse.
Psalm 19 declares the Glory of God through His Creation, though some of the created ignore God to worship components of that very same creation. I call them 'Duh' people.
But to show that there are no hard feelings about their stupid man-made beliefs, I am extending the good left hand of fellowship to them with this picture post. In the above photo there are:
A rainbow.
A meteor shower.
An eclipse.
The top of a tree (for duh druids)
Aurora Borealis/Northern/Southern lights.
Dawn, specifically Dawn Tinsley from the original, superior Brit "The Office".
An ocean view with another dawn.
You DO realize that God is the original artist who Created everything that you find beautiful, don't you?
All that human artists, from Da Vinci to Pollock to Charles Schultz to whomever-all that they do is copy what God has made, from a beautiful sunset to a beautiful woman to Amy Winehouse. We glorify an artist for having the talent to recreate, not create. We can't create anything. God made sunflowers, Van Gogh painted his rendition of God's sunflowers, and Van Gogh gets the glory? Not on my chronometer!
Solstice two guys walk into a bar, and...

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Doug said...

When you see the "News" reports about Wiccan or Druid or general oddball Duh people getting up early on the 21st to bang drums or praise the dawn...laugh at them. They are fools who deserve no respect. And have a nice 24 hour period of light and dark.