Monday, December 27, 2010

Not A Review

Straight up-this isn't a review of the movie, "Inception". I watched it this weekend, and it is a very fine movie, one that I wouldn't 'spoil' for anything.
I purposefully remained ignorant, avoiding trailers and reviews, and I'm glad that I did. It was cool.
There haven't been many recent movies that have impressed me-another good one was "Shutter Island". Short list, eh?
I added the 'eh' because I recently revisited "Strange Brew"-the Bob and Doug McKenzie extravaganza from the early 1980's. It was better fun than I remembered. If you Netflix, put it on your list.
I don't Netflix myself, but it is a going concern. I'm just too cheap...actually, I know it's a bargain, but I kinda refuse to use a credit card to rent amusement. I have no CC debt, by the Grace of God, and I intend to stay on the financial straight and narrow. No Redbox either. If I do rent movies, I go to the video store in town, which I am glad to support, as it was owned by a friend from school, and it pays taxes, hires workers, helps the local economy. Redbox takes and doesn't give.
Just a few more days left in the year-thank God! It will be a good year to have in the rear view mirror.
May God Bless you today, and in the coming year. 30


Doug said...

If you are a Cinephile, you need to visit:
A lady named Kimberly Lindbergs is a fine writer on film, and has a good blog. She also posts on the Turner Classic Movie site:
Have a fine time reading there!

James said...

I think Leo really is a fine actor. I liked both Inception and Shutter quite a bit, the latter more so for both its twists and depth. Both were very visual films which I also appreciate.

I may have to watch Inception again, though. It was so ethereal and odd that I missed about a half of it on first viewing!