Monday, January 10, 2011

Conflicted Not Convicted

A little experiment-I google imaged the word "convicted" and these are a few of the results. I was just thinking the other day about the citizens in our national penal system, what has been termed our "prison population".
Many prisoners accept Christ in prison, which Glorifies God. But I wonder how many Christians make the bad life decisions which puts them in jail?
I'm guessing not many-we are no better than anyone else, but our faith teaches us that we shouldn't be law-breakers, that we should color inside the lines of society and obey THE LAW.

Do we always succeed? Not a chance. If a Christian-I'll use Dr. Dino, Kent Hovind as an example-if a Christian runs afoul of the law, he deserves to be punished. Hovind went to jail. He's still there. I think that is right and proper.
Just an assumptive guesstimate, but I think that Christians (who were Christians pre-incarceration) probably make up less than one percent of the total prison population. In this country.
In many countries around the world Christians are imprisoned, tortured and killed for their faith, and for rejecting ___________ (go ahead-fill in the blank.).
But here in America? Freedom to express our faith. Cherish that. And don't screw up.

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Doug said...

As for the title-I and many Christians are conflicted with being law abiding citizens living under some legalities which we find horrifying-Abortion being legal and accepted as part of our society is one prime example.
Horrible, but legal. So, as it is legal, we accept that it is not seen as a crime by our legal system.
Believe me, conflicted doesn't half cover it.
We are looking for Heaven, for Christ's return, and I am certain that there will be no abortions allowed in His Kingdom.
That madman who shot and killed/wounded those people down in Arizona-he was smirking in the photo released. I get conflicted when people like that do violent inhumane things to innocents.
I'm pretty sure I could get him to stop smirking.