Tuesday, September 06, 2011

We All Know What Is Coming

We all know. We all have in mind that the 10 year anniversary of 9-11 is coming up at us.
With all respect to what happened on that terrible day, I am not looking back. I am looking forward.
There will be a day when there are no more Muslims. No politicians. No atheists. When the Lord returns and sets up His Kingdom, all the vainfoolish  imaginings of Man will end. All contrary opinions will be dust in the wind.


Doug said...

I mention atheists. Listening to Wretched Radio last night, the host interviewed an atheist Brit who had assumed that Christians hated him.
That took a little figuring-why would he assume that?
We are made in God's image, and He 'wrote His law on our hearts' so that every man has a conscience, and knows when he has betrayed that conscience. He knows right from wrong, and knows when he has done wrong.
So, even this atheist who didn't believe in God felt that the God He didn't believe in was angry with him for betraying his conscience. He felt that God must hate him, and so, following the thought to it's logical conclusion, God's representatives (Christians)must hate him also.
Nope. It's trite, but true-hate the sin but love the sinner. Because we are ALL sinners, and we Christians have experienced God's Love and Mercy, and it is so good that we want everyone to know Him.
Right now one of the humans on our horizon making the most trouble for the world is Barack Obama. He is purposefully attempting to shred our republic; do I hate him? Not one bit. I would love for Obama to become a Christian. If he knew God, his entire life would become redeemed from the refuse that it is.
But he's only one of billions. I would love to see Heaven full and hell empty, but it is not up to me.
May God grant you the Grace to believe.

Anonymous said...

So Obama is not a "true Christian"? I'm curious: do you believe John Calvin was a "true Christian"?

He was responsible for the suffering and even deaths of scores of people when he led Geneva, many of them other believers. Jacques Gruent was racked and then executed for calling Calvin a hypocrite. Three men who laughed during a sermon were imprisoned for three days. Belot, an Anabaptist was arrested for passing out tracts in Geneva and also accusing Calvin of excessive use of wine. With his books and tracts burned, he was banished from the city and told not to return on pain of hanging.

Yep, he was a real nice guy!

- James

Doug said...

Obama is not a Christian-watch this series:

One of the main evidences that Calvin is a true Christian is that you still object to him, James.

I once had a guy hanging at the end of a rope-does that make me a bad person?
See-you don't have enough information. We were rappelling down a cliff face, and I was above him on the line.
If you choose one blurb on Calvin to which you hang your line of opposition, you are going on too little information-but you aren't looking for proof that Calvin is a Christian; you are seeking to prove that he isn't, so there you go.