Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Weekend From Heaven

Well. That's better. I shared in a respite weekend, with no TV/internets/newspapers/world problems/politics.
I sat on a lake with friends, learned from God's Word, and it was all wonderful. May God greatly Bless you today.


Doug said...

Off tropic, but last night's finale to the regular Baseball season was spectacular. Shifting victories, ups and down like a manic depressive's playdate without meds-wow. Two teams I have cheered for, Braves and Bosox, both failed to advance but you know what? They were involved in great seasons, and have nothing to be ashamed of. Better luck next year.
I would love to see either the Phillies or Brewers or Rays win it all. as always, I'll be cheering for whoever is playing against the Yankees.

Anonymous said...

I went almost a year with no tv and no radio. Just my stereo. Avoiding politics and the news is beneficial for one's mental health.

- James