Sunday, December 21, 2014

cheery holidays

Not that it's anyone's, but fear not-I'm not any of the 'esseds': distressed, depressed, coalesced.
Earlier whilst flipping channels during football I came upon good old Jacob Marley visiting his former work-mate Scrooge in an iteration of "A Christmas Carol".
Which this being the season of, made me of a mind to share the poem/image above.
I guess I'll pick on Jeff Winger for this next bit-if you've seen the TV show "Community" you know that the show runners are/were up for any odd twisted episode-they go/went places where most sitcoms feared to re-tread.
If not familiar with the show, this probably will make no sense, but it was on a major network
(Their estimation, not mine), so I'm going to assume you have at least a passing knowledge.
Christmas episode: Jeff and his crew go through a quiet study day, classes and lunch and more classes until they gather in their study hall and go over their assignments.
No carols.
No messages about family.
No beatific children discovering the joy of the season.
No major drama that concludes in 22 minutes with a group hug.
No snark (remember-Community draws outside the lines) towards any religion.
No Christmas Party where truths are shared/discovered.
Just a quiet school day and then everyone leaves.
On his way home Winger stops for a coffee and the barista wishes him a Merry Christmas.
Jeff says, "You, too."
Roll credits.

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Doug said...

We both know that there is such a thing as a Winter break, and that even a community college wouldn't hold classes on Christmas day-but just go with it.

I have worked plenty of holidays, and though I now have paid holidays off, I know that even holidays come at us in 24 hour increments.