Saturday, July 18, 2015

ALL Lives DO Matter, Dems!

Before any bird cries "Fowl", I totally admit to modifying/putting together the NY TIMES page with the Ann Coulter tweet.
The unofficial motto of the moment in some circles is: "Black Lives Matter".
Hil Clinton stumping, speechifying her way down the campaign trail, modified the motto to: "All lives matter."
In a church.
In front of an African American congregation.
Supposedly, some in the audience didn't care for the modification.
But she was right.
All lives matter, everyone. Period.
I direct your attention to the Coulter tweet which asks,
"Which symbol killed 90,000 black babies last year?" and, of course, the answer is the symbol for "Planned Parenthood", the Abortion industry stalwart defended by most Democrats.
If Democrats truly believe that 'Black lives matter', that 'All lives matter', perhaps they should stop propping up Abortion.
Yes, it is legal. So was Slavery, until the Republican Party formed to root it out of our nation.
So was Jim Crow alleged to be legal, until the Republicans drafted and passed Civil Rights legislation over the objections of the Democrats.
Legal is sometimes still morally WRONG.
It would take a lot of courage for any Democrat to oppose Abortion, which is why cowards keep silent. Have a nice night, America.

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Doug said...

Of course, it takes no courage at all for a Conservative to denounce Abortion. I could do it in my sleep.
Please dems, obfuscate the issue. Say that the facts are lies, that it wasn't 90,000 black babies (one would be one too many), that Ann Coulter is hateful...but your party OWNS Abortion. Shame on you.