Sunday, July 05, 2015

Stand by For Heavy Rolls!

Before some snark attacks with bakery jibes, "Stand By For Heavy Rolls" was the warning broadcast aboard ship when we were about to enter rough, troubled waters.
In the next four months the sewers of politics shall again explode upon our nation, and we will soon be so sick of the process that even pagans will be calling for God to return and put us out of our collective political misery.
Those of you groaning at the mention of the coming political rodeo-I'm with you. This isn't some foolish brazen "Bring It On" post. I have come to hate the stuff.
No-in brief, I hope that the politics which polarizes won't cause us to become hateful and angry towards each other. Enough of that happens naturally. Don't let politics diminish your humanity, and I will try to do the same.

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Doug said...

I really have had enough of politics to last me forever. I think that many feel the same way, which brought about this post-though we may hate it, it is going to happen, and we only have to get through it.