Saturday, October 01, 2016

Hillary {2016 Bimbo Eruptions} Clinton!

I see that the Clinton Opposition Research Facile had dug into Trump's past and found a beauty queen from 20 some years ago to whom he allegedly once made an unfavorable remark.
Also, the Social Media mini-tsunamis are cresting with the wisdom that Trump once stated that a 12 year old Paris Hilton was 'attractive'.
Don't you see?
The Clinton campaign is using Bimbo eruptions against the Donald! 
Remember Romney? Mitt? Tall guy, executive looking?
The Obama Dirt Farmers went all the way back to his childhood to paint him as a 'bully' when he was ten. But of course Obama's college transcripts were off limits.
And now...a beauty queen no one remembers is getting the full courting press by the media, hanging on her every pronouncement of Trump's alleged deviltry 20 plus years ago. 
As for Paris? I have no idea what she looked like when she was twelve, but I assume that she was a cute kid.  If you had brought her in front of Hillary Clinton and asked, "Is this girl attractive?" She would have said, "Of course she's attractive."
Nothing creepy or sexual about that. 
Unless in 2016 the desperate housewife of Bill the alleged rapist and alleged serial sexual molester needs to pull the pins on a few bimbo grenades to toss into the opposing camp.
Just to be safe, rather than posting pictures of the former beauty queen or Paris Hilton, I googled "The oldest woman in the world" who now graces this post.
The old canard, "How dare you bring up Bill's troubled past! He's not on the ticket!" is answered by:
"No, but his enabler, the one who did all she could to destroy ANYONE who got in the way of the Clintons...she IS on the ticket, and does not deserve to be President."

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Doug said...

I've really been avoiding the political stuff, and don't think about it much, but the past few days with this constant smearing of the Donald from the Dems who actively protected and enabled Bill Clinton to allegedly molest/rape women...that is offensive to me. And now that I got it out of my system...on to a happier day!