Saturday, December 10, 2016


Noticed something a bit ago that seems a trend.
Look at our buddies in the picture above.
Each on the left is dialoguing with the right.
The man in the DQ interacts with the construction worker.
Mom left remotely speaks with Mom right.
The guy loving his Italian DQ tries to share his enthusiasm with a few "Italian" stereotypes.
Separated by location, not looking/speaking through a phone or laptop...
and WE are the third persons (Godview) watching their interact.
See? We've been conditioned by decades of commercials to accept viewing interactions in the 3rd P.
Back in the old days we would see through a split screen a father talking on the phone with a daughter about the merits of Old Spice coffee or whatever is being marketed at us.
We have distant communicators interacting WITHOUT DEVICE.
We don't hardly notice. Weird.

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Doug said...

Keep an eye out for stuff. The world is fascinating.