Saturday, December 03, 2016

Evry Silver Has Dark Within

It's a trick-admittedly not a very clever one. Misspell the first word of a post title to catch the attention of the reader, who assumes a mistake. 
At least you may pause to read rather than passing by in a split second to go look at dog pictures.
Still here? Good. 
I may as well start with the beer commercials.
Happy beautiful people (racially-coded, carefully gender-coded...but all HAPPY!) drinking at parties/events, promoted at us by whichever beer company.
Huopo zeitgeist. 
These beer adverts show ALL silver lining, but the dark within oblits any good light.
This isn't an alcohol screed. Read on, please.
"How did people maintain their facade of 'Everything is warm and fuzzy, bright and good in my life' before Facebook?"
Facade. Facebook. You DO realize that the first syllable is: Fac  (Fake)?  I know-'C' with an 'S' sound.
But 'fake' is right there in the meaning: synonyms are: show, front, appearance, pretense, simulation, affectation, semblance, illusion, act, masquerade, charade, mask, cloak, veil, veneer.
If everyone were living great happy good shining light lives everyday, Facebook would mirror reality. It is at best a glass darkly.
You might, if you know me (or don't), assume from this post that I am despondent or morbid.
Nyet, comrades. 
Like everyone else, I am light and darkness.  I'm just being honest about it. 
I enjoy Life, but will enjoy it more when, having passed from this mortal mud hut, I will be light in the presence of God, all dark left behind. 
But until that we are. 
Don't sabotage your life with darknessess hidden by silver linings. If drinking is killing you, quit.
If your life isn't as cheery as your Facebook what you can to confront and defeat the dragons holding you in darkness.  Asking for help is not weak, but an admission that none of us is strong on our own. You are made for better things. Life IS humbling. God gives Grace to the humble, and He always will.

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Doug said...

I assume that everyone is fascinated by how my mind works.
Disparate elements brought this post into being written-some experienced today, some thought about for a while.
As always, may God Bless you today.