Sunday, July 17, 2005

Coffee Enhanced Reality

My life has a coffee cup nearby. I know that some decry it as bad for me, but coffee tastes so good,
and I hope to continue to live the caffienated lifestyle until God brings me Home. Hopefully there will be coffee there, too.
As I am testing the tools on this blog, I've decided to post a picture to see how it looks.


Jake said...

Best. Picture. Evar.

I miss coffee. I used to drink it but now I can't because it makes me very ill. And decaf just doesn't taste the same. Mmmmmm, coffee.

Anonymous said...

I gave up caffeine (for the most part/I cannot resist chocolate for more than a few days and it has caffeine) several years ago. I sleep so much better now.

I love your bunny picture. Did you take it? And why is the bunny wearing a pancake? He looks quite humiliated and I think some sort of abuse is happening here.


Anonymous said...

Hello le-the bunny picture has been bumping around the Internet for years-I doubt if anyone but the person who took the picture even knows the source. I decided that if I were to call this place 'fine dry wit', I should put something funny up once in a while.
This is Doug from the work computer, and keeping with the animal theme:

"Hey, Mr Beaver! Did you use a chainsaw to take that tree down?"