Friday, July 22, 2005

Sholom Aleichem

“The World is a terrible place, and if you ask about my good nature, my humor, that is the reason. To spite Them, you won’t see me cry. To spite Them, there is going to be laughter.” Sholom Aleichem

The problem with opening a post with a quote from Sholom Aleichem is that any words that I use seem pale and weak after bringing his to mind. I have loved his writing for many years, and his insight into the sometimes ridiculous but always marvelous human condition is a treasure needed to be shared in these days.
You read his stories, and you know and come to love his people, even if you, like me, are only adopted into a Jewish family. (Jesus is a Jew, and I am Blessed to be in His family.)
Sholom Aleichem’s book, “Some Laughter, Some Tears” is next to me right now; the book I wish I still had was his wonderful “Old Country Tales” which, foolishly, I lent to a girl from Romania, who quickly disappeared. I’m going to order it again, probably from ABEbooks (plug).
I do not doubt that a little of his magic is lost in the translations to English, but rather than bemoan my lack, I appreciate what I have. And I encourage you to seek out and enjoy the works of Sholom Aleichem; you will be better for having read them.

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