Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hope to Save Your Life

Hope Hope Hope

“There will never be any peace
Until God is seated
At the conference table. x2

Everybody has a plan-
Made by just a man-
People, can’t you understand
Try to tell them

There will never be any peace
Until God is seated
At the conference table.”

This is one of my favorite Gospel songs, recorded by the Chi-lites back in the mid 70’s. It seems very contemporary, and is still true. No matter how many well intentioned leaders meet to win promises from ill intentioned leaders, no matter how many road maps are implemented, man is unable to solve the problem of man: Sin.
Sin is the dark cloud hanging over the hearts over the populations of the world killing each other over land which belongs to our Creator. Sin is the stain on the hearts of every man who finds a reason to hate his neighbor. Sin keeps the jails full, and the bars, and those living in a culture of sin are so inured to it’s effects that they are roused to anger when someone points to the sin and calls it evil.
The picture above is sin. The sin of men trying to create peace without the source of Peace, God Himself. All human works are doomed to fail, when man tries to supplant God’s Rule and rule in His place. Satan tried that and got booted out of Heaven.
Do you want Peace? An end to war and suffering? Turn to God, and you will find that He can place inside you the only lasting and true Peace: between you and Himself.

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