Wednesday, September 07, 2005


This isn't much of a post. Just a letter I received from one of two missionaries to whom I send monthly support. Just as an aside to the discussion over at Michael's blog with BG.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Dear Sponsor,
I really thank God for you who are praying for me and my ministry earnestly. I too appreciate you for your valuable prayers for me and my ministry. I will also pray for you. May God bless you abundantly.
I really praise God for the marvelous works he has done in my life and ministry. My younger child was admitted to the hospital and I was much worried. But the Lord healed my child through prayers.
I serve the Lord among the Thakur, Pandits and Hindu people. Pray with me that the Lord may open their hearts to believe in Jesus.
The Lord has delivered many people from their different problems and healed their sickness. One day some people from a village, asked me to visit their village to pray for a lady who was seriously sick. I went and prayed for her. The Lord healed her completely right after the prayer. Thus she became an ardent follower of Christ. Now she witness in her village.
Sumandevi was suffering from some allergy problem. She spent much money for treatment. But everything was in vain. While sharing the Gospel in her village, I happened to meet her and prayed for her. She experienced the divine touch of healing through prayer. Thus she also committed her life to Jesus.
I train Mahesh for the ministry. He has great zeal for the Lord. Pray that the Lord may continue to give him grace to be well equipped for the glorious ministry.
We distributed 2500 Gospel tracts, 1500 booklets, 18 New Testaments and 15 literatures among the people. By the grace of God five persons received Jesus as their personal Savior through my ministry in the past months.
Also I went through very difficult times in the past months. Once while distributing the Gospel tracts in a village, some RSS (a Hindu fanatic group) people threatened and asked me several questions. Finally they put me in jail. But the Lord's gracious hand was upon me and I was released very soon.
Pray for the spiritual growth of believers. Prayer for me that the Lord may use me mightily for the expansion of His kingdom.
In Christ,
Lal Bahadur

Sometimes I feel very ashamed for my piddly witness.


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