Sunday, October 07, 2007

God’s Inhumanity Towards Man

Yes, it’s true. And I love that God was inhumane. Ready the tar and feathers, but before you judge me, hear me out.
Man’s most identifiable characteristic is that of being a sinner, a law breaker.
We were made in God’s image; had Adam not sinned, we would best be defined by bearing His image.
But that isn’t the case; we are selfish, hateful creatures who cause more trouble than we are worth.
And I mean that in the fullest-any man, any sinful law-breaking human being would have pulled the plug on Humanity a long time ago. Given us up as a lost cause, an unfixable, broken Creation.
But God is in charge, not Man. And He knew before man sinned what the course of History would be.
Man hates; as a sinner, that is his birthright, to hate.
But God so loved the world that He did what was humanly impossible: bring a perfect sacrifice which could destroy Sin and hate and death. Jesus was that Sacrifice.
Do you love? Do you love your fellow man, have compassion for the poor and weak? Wonderful!
You get that from God, not Man. You are indeed made in His image; no matter how marred, you still share some attributes of the nature of God.
Remember “To err is human, to forgive divine”? It’s true.
We are errors, but He is perfect. If God were to treat us as Humans do, this world would have been a cosmic chunk of charcoal shortly after Adam fell. Praise God for His inhumanity.

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