Friday, October 19, 2007

Putting The Haw Haw in Brouhaha

Something monumental is happening right now, and the media is virtually silent. Please bear with me for a moment if I ask you to visit unfamiliar territory. I believe anyone reading this blog is adult enough to handle content which may frighten some. Consider this a warning.
Here’s the short version. A couple of weeks ago Rush Limbaugh was talking to a caller on his show about ‘fake soldiers’ such as Jesse Macbeth, the anti-war faux Green Beret who over a year ago was proven to be a liar. Macbeth received media attention for claiming to have been a Green Beret who had been a party to raping, torturing and murdering Iraqis while in Iraq. It turns out that Macbeth had washed out of ‘boot camp’ so he hadn’t even become a regular soldier, let alone a Green Beret. And he was never in Iraq period-when confronted, Macbeth admitted to having made up the entire story.
Okay, back to two weeks ago. Limbaugh, speaking with a caller, says two words which started this whole thing: “Fake soldier” meaning Macbeth.
It was twisted twice by the Left-first that Limbaugh was impugning the patriotism of any and all soldiers who disagreed with the war effort, then simply that ‘Limbaugh was smearing the troops’.
It got so far along that many in the Senate, led by Democratic Senator Harry Reid, drafted and signed a letter to Limbaugh’s syndicator, Clear Channel, asking it to censure Limbaugh.
That is what led to this post today-the Constitution, which is supposed to protect private citizens from Federal governmental abuses, must have been set aside on the day that 41 democratic Senators drafted and signed that letter to Clear Channel while they were supposed to be conducting our business.
Here’s the Haw Haw. The President of Clear Channel, a friend of Rush Limbaugh, gave him the letter. And he put it up on Ebay, auctioning it off, giving the money to one of his favorite charities, the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, which creates college scholarships for the children of military/Federal agents who are killed in the line of duty.
As of Wednesday the bidding was up to $50,000.
Bidding closes and a winner will be declared in a few hours. The bid this morning is $2,100,100.
Limbaugh has promised to match the winning bid, and he has challenged the Senators to do the same.
Even if you can’t stand Limbaugh, I ask that you go to his website today, read the letter yourself, linked on the front page, and think about this whole mess the Senators created by going after a private citizen.
You might also ask yourself why the media doesn’t notice a story like this. Haw Haw!

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