Thursday, October 25, 2007

It’s Go Go, Not Cry Cry

“And the Whiney and Complaining shall lead them.”
Let’s have a little fun today. Go dig out…c’mon, it’s just for fun! Go dig out the litter of literature, the political propaganda swirling around us all.
If you already have had hammered into you the main ideological differences between Us & Them (Whichever Us you are) look no further than your own critically thinking, unbiased, impartial mind. And you’re beautiful, too.
Look and consider.

Which Party complains about how UNFAIR life is? They see Racism, Classism, Gendersism everywhere.
They propagate to agitate. No Cause is too small, no Anti too trivial. It doesn’t even have to be real.
The Perpetually Upset. The Doug and Debby Downers of the world. The Nay Sayers.

Which Party cheers about how GREAT life is? They see the world as their oyster; one of their most strongly held beliefs is that ANYONE can achieve ANYTHING. Self determination, Personal responsibility, are watchwords. If Life is unfair, fix it. If your life stinks, take a shower. Don’t whine and point fingers at THEM. Be a Nay Slayer.

I wouldn’t take life advice from someone standing on a window ledge.
And I don’t expect to find good fruit on bad trees.

Yes, the world is in turmoil, but that all stems from the World being in rebellion against God. As I am no longer a rebel, but have been adopted into His Family, I’ve run out of things to complain about. Instead of propagating agitation, I Praise and Worship God. Instead of complaining about how unfair Life is, I thank God for my Life. See you in church.

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