Friday, January 04, 2008

Patience Makes The Bread Rise

I love 2008 so far. Things are good, Blessed by God, cool like Winter. Things have been so busy at work that our office Christmas Party will actually be a New Years celebration or, if still rushed, a Spring party. It doesn’t matter when it happens; I am glad that this time the drinkin hootenanny won’t be a “Christmas” celebration.
My group is having a ham dinner potluck tonight-when asked what I was bringing I said, “What do you want?” Rolls, and butter, and I wasn’t to be seen at the grocery store before work picking up store brand rolls. Okayfine.
I just finished baking rolls, which turned out fine. For those of you who haven’t been bored yet with my back story, I have at times been a cook and baker, including nearly a year in a hotel bakery turning out breads and desserts. Baking is easy, and fun. As I now sit at a computer, I don’t often have opportunity to mess up a kitchen.
Patience makes the bread rise. As we now see the official start of the political shenanigans, I just want to have the election over and done with. Caucus and primary, general and take the oath, lets get going please.
But we have nearly a year of nasty ahead of us. Patience, Doug. Accept that it is going to take awhile for the election to run its course (downhill, no brakes) while talking heads and pointing fingers sully what is indeed a beautiful year.
I encourage everyone to become involved in the election process, because if all of the good people stay away, disliking the mud, then only the bad people will be left, who revel in it.
First and foremost, pray that God will Bless the United States. He is in charge of all of Creation, and He does indeed hear every prayer. Ask Him to raise up good leaders for our country.
Second, educate yourself on the candidates, and good luck.
Patience, Doug-less than eleven months to go until election day. Sigh.

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