Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thinning The Heard

Ah well. Politics happens, and from time to time I might make a small mention of it here; le is always welcome to post on any subject, including politics, so if politics happens, it happens, and what the world is going through in 2008 will show up in posts. This election is already more distasteful than I like, but maybe that’s just me.
Guliani and Edwards have stepped down, Huckabee is being marginalized by reality; I miss Dennis Kucinich. I really do-he was an honest contrarian, wearing his tin foil hat around his heart.
H. Clinton and B. Obama are left on the left, J. McCain the muddle and M. Romney the right.
I trust that whoever God decides to place in the White House, the country will continue to be fractured along political ideologies. This election is important; those ideologies are what are being debated, personified in a handful of politicians.
Appeal to God to have governance over not only your life, but your country and world. Submitting to His authority puts all of Creation into the proper perspective. His.

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