Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vote For Antichrist!

Just kidding. In this election year, I hear one candidate being called “Jesus Christ” and “Messiah”…so please forgive me if that captures my attention for a post.
When my state had a caucus, a friend at work asked me which party “He” belonged to, as she wanted to go to vote for him. She didn’t know or care about party affiliation: she just wanted to give him her vote.
And my friend isn’t the only one. This candidate for high (but not THE Highest!) office is inspiring many to support him. He can fill stadiums, just like a rock star.
This world, this cosmos (world system) raises up rock stars, political stars, false messiahs by the boatload.
Christians are residents of Heaven, sojourning here in a foreign land. We are called to be in the world, but not of it. Many times I’ve heard Christians say, “I don’t care who the Anti-Christ turns out to be, as he won’t appear until after the Rapture. I‘ll be out of here.”
Very true. If these are indeed the “End Times”, it is possible that the person known as the Anti-Christ is alive today, and beginning to accumulate power. I’m assuming that he will be charismatic, a great speaker able to rally millions to his side.
I doubt that “THE” Anti-Christ is running for President this year. I wish he were, as that would mean that Christ’s return is imminent. I believe that the Bible is clear in stating that Christ will ‘catch up’ His loved ones before what is termed the Great Tribulation, which is actually God executing Judgment on the Earth.
Read the book of Revelation and see for yourself.
Whatever happens this year, whoever wins the Presidency, God is in charge. My joke about God giving us the President we deserve may come true.

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