Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Actually, Stonehenge Rhymes With Orange

A mother and child walking next to the ocean. The child wants to count the sand, to see how many sands it takes to be a beach. First handful.
The mother knows it’s impossible, and waits for the child to become bored.
“Sixty one…sixty two…”
The mother looks out and sees a sailboat about halfway to the horizon. As the child counts, she imagines being on that boat, sailing away.
“Seventy nine…eighty…eighty-one …”

This is why I am sometimes amused by Man in his arrogance.
Man makes plans on old information because he must. An event happens, and we react. The War of 1812 lasted a year beyond the signing of the peace treaty, as the news took time to reach the warring factions. Man stumbles through history, mistaking enemies for friends, friends for enemies, causing fights and reacting when hit.
We do not run this planet. If left to ourselves, we would have wiped ourselves out, each Cain killing his Abel, his Seth, his Eve or Adam.
It is having been made in God’s image which keeps us from oblivion; the fact that we are still here is proof of His patience and Grace. Our future is much brighter than our past only because God has better plans for us than we could even imagine.
I think God designed us to need sleep so that we can only make mischief 2/3rds of the time.
While we are like children counting sand, God knows. He could tell us the number of granules of sand on that beach, but we couldn’t process the answer. He would know the number of hairs on the head of that imaginary sailor in the sailboat; from our perspective on the shore we can’t even see if there is a sailor.
And yet we declare ourselves omniscient enough to rule our planet. Arrogance and foolishness.
The next time you hear a pontificator pontificating, feel free to go ahead and laugh.

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