Friday, July 04, 2008

Pragma, or Three Tattoo Minimum

Ouch. I just got another sharp gain in my vista. Sometimes it hurts to look at a future so bright.
Forgive, please, if this isn’t linear enough for you; I was up all last night, working on an idea for my job. It’s been a catch up day, but I thought I might set this down so I can get some sleep later unmindful of extemp thoughts.

I have a solution for the energy crisis; not in total, but an idea which I am certain could help. Here I am, giving it away for free. Wind power. Solar power. Where are our windmills?
“Uh, they’re all over the place, Doug.”
Yes, but windmills have been working at the same level since one of then took on Don Quixote and won.
We have left the ground. We are in space, we are in flight, and windmills needn’t remain grounded anymore.
There are much fiercer winds, more powerful, higher up. Windmills at the higher level would have more to work with, could create more energy than their hit or miss, wait for the wind to blow grounded counterparts. We have nearly perfected wireless transmission of energy- a platform of windmills, also capturing solar energy-above most clouds, the solar energy is uninterrupted, always on-such platforms, held in position just as satellites are, could power cities.
I’m all for nuclear power. I would love it if we opened up more of our verboten areas for oil drilling. But the Nay-neighers on the Left will have none of that.

In Israel, a company has come up with the idea of creating hydroelectric power…by forcing water up a giant pipe into the sky, which turns turbines as the water falls back to Earth. If that catches on, barren areas with no waterfalls can create hydroelectric power cheaply. It takes a little power to push the water up the pipe, but more energy is created simply by agreeing with gravity.

My point is that we have greater technological tools to work with than they did even 50 years ago. We can improve old ideas, and maybe think of a few new ones.

About the title of this post: I don’t hardly fit into this world system. If I were the type to go to the trendy clubs which have a three tattoo minimum for entrance, I’d never get in. Scars don’t count. I don’t have a single tattoo. I have known Christians who sport them, and I am not knocking those who have drawings on their skin…it’s just not for me. I think that being an outsider (in the world, but not of it) can give Christians a clear perspective which those of the world miss. Most common, of course, is our certainty that God exists. They don’t get that. They think we’re nuts. I recognize not only that God exists, but that He is working His will upon His Creation.
A pragmatist never loses his footing.

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