Friday, March 27, 2009

As The Dear

I recently found Big Hollywood, a site created by Andrew Brietbart which seeks to shine a bit of light on the darkness of Liberal Hollywood. It's not a great site, but I’ve read a few articles there. Including one about Janeane Garofalo which included this picture.

My response to the picture was sadness. The article by someone named Joseph Lindsey suggests that she is suffering from a disease called “Hollywood Political Mental Disorder”. How original and groundbreaking.
Forget the article. Look at the picture-the tattoos, the tired ironic pose. I know that Garafalo is my political opposite, and please, don’t take this as ‘Doug bashing another Liberal because that is what Conservatives do’. I feel bad for Janeane. I see her as someone who has led a very bitter, unhappy life. I’m not basing that opinion on one picture-I’ve enjoyed her movies, watched her stand up comedy, seen her talking politics on the shows, etc. She’s about my age, give or take, and if I could take any part of my life, put it up in a bundle and give it to her, it would be my happiness, my joy. I think she is missing out on happiness. Liberalism and atheism will do that to you. Again, I’m not bashing for the sake of-the very heart of Liberalism is to be embittered that someone is being treated harshly, that there is some injustice to be corrected, that there is SOMETHING which must be complained about. Atheism takes away the One person to Whom complaints could be addressed. That is a recipe for an unhappy, bitter life; I want a better one for Janeane. My joy, my happiness come from being at peace with God. I’m not bragging, just explaining. If Janeane knew even a moment of the peace which I have, she would hunger for it, desire to make that peace her own. May God grant her that Peace.

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