Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Without Details

The 'what happeneds' are private. Just more examples of God working, showing Mercy. I just want you to know that God is still reaching out to the lost and that Salvation is possible even for you.
You may not 'get it'; you may have a faulty idea of God due to living in darkness (you do know what I mean).
You may have had your fill of faulty theology growing up in a bad church; knowing that they are wrong, but it's the only church you've had, so now, as an adult, you don't know who to trust.
Here comes human nature raising it's ugly little head: even if you don't believe that theology anymore, if I or another Christian dare to suggest that your church is false, you'll defend it as good...enough.
Do you realize how twisted it is to trust your soul to a church theology you don't even believe anymore?
Christians are charged with sharing the Gospel; there is hope only in Christ, which means that there is no other hope, no other way to leave the darkness and become right with God. As the Gospel points to Christ and declares Him "True"; we must point to every man made bad theology and say "False-there is no hope to be found there."
If you love your life, it is only safe in Jesus Christ.
If you hate your life, it can be redeemed into something worth loving, but only through Christ.
Don't let bad religion hold you back from seeking God.

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