Friday, March 20, 2009

Expecting Your Faith Bailout?

"So...let me get this know you don't deserve Heaven. You could never afford the payments to own there, have no way of paying back a loan if you could get one..."


"I can't give you any keys, as there’s nothing to lock up up there... but you can move right in. The Owner has paid all of the costs, has prepared your special residence. More good news: the United States Government can no longer levy any taxes on you!"

Enough with the fun analogy. Fun, but true: we can’t ever be rich or good enough to buy our way into Heaven, because the cost wasn’t paid in money or goodness. It took a perfect sacrifice to satisfy God’s Justice. It took Jesus going to the cross, being put to death in our place, to make it possible for us to be restored to right relationship with God the Father.
I’ve said it before, recently even, but it bears repeating: if there were no Heaven, and we simply disappeared into nothingness when we died...the Heaven I’ve known here on earth as one of God’s children for the past 30 years would be Heaven enough. But there is Heaven, and although I don’t deserve it on my own, I’m in. Praise God for His Lovingkindess!

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