Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Eventful Contentful Doug

"You can't stand still in a hurricane."
So began one of my earliest writings after becoming a Christian. The writing itself was horribly weak and juvenile, but, so was I, thirty years ago. It described what was happening in my life, how the metaphorical hurricane of the world tempested all the harder at me when I turned towards God.
God so designed events in my life to bring me to the point where I would reach up for His hand. I thank God every day for extending His Grace to me, for bringing me into His family, our family.
Winds still blow-life is full of events and non-events which we live through most of the time.
I have found that being with God, who has promised to never leave nor forsake me, makes it possible to stand still in all winds and weathers.
I am content. I am at peace with God and some of my fellow men. That makes me rich, richer than Bill Gates, King Midas and Bernie Madoff all rolled into one. I’m even richer than their lawyers!
Praise God for His Grace and the Mercy which He bestows on whom He will!

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