Thursday, July 09, 2009

Second Verse, Different Than

I was re-reading my last post, about God extending His Grace to me, making it possible for me to stand. Then I remembered earlier posts where some few remarked that I seemed to be:

1. Gloating.
2. Happy that some people go to hell.
3. Obnoxious.

Let me make it clarified like butter:
A: I am not gloating, but grateful. I know what a stinker I am, and how my own righteousness wouldn't buy me a dirty old shoelace to wear as a tie.
B: I dread that people I care about may end up in hell. I pray as often for my unsaved friends to be saved as I do for my brothers and sisters in Christ to be encouraged and blessed. But my prayers won't get anyone in the door, unless God extends His Grace to them. God changes lives. He especially likes to bring into His Kingdom those who think they don't stand a chance of making it into Heaven. Stinkers like me.
D: As for Obnoxious? I have no idea. If I am obnoxious, it must be in my blind spot-I'm not saying it's not there...I just don't see it.
Friends, if you knew God, you'd know why I'm happy, content, and at peace. Praise God!

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