Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It Doesn't Matter...

…what I write about stuff. I’ve been stating that “Global Warming” ala Gore is false, that God can be trusted to take care of His earth…nothing. Crickets. Gore and now Obama act as if it’s a real threat, even when the evidence has been hoked up and proven to be false. False doesn’t matter, if they already have an agenda in place.

It doesn’t matter
…what I write about God and His Sovereignty. Y’all are still going to go on pretending that Christians are the crazy ones, bowing to an empty altar. You demand proof the way the Pharisees and Sadducees demanded proof from Jesus. When confronted with His evidences, they still did not believe.

It doesn’t matter
…how many times I write about the true religion of Peace being maligned while the religions of War are praised. Meaning that Peace that matters is Peace with the God of the Bible, not the false god Allah.
Please don’t bring up again the President Bush trope about his calling Islam a religion of Peace. I know-he was wrong when he said it, and those who still cling to that false idea are wrong now. If you want to know why President Bush said it, ask him.

It doesn’t matter
…how much evidence comes out proving that President Obama is attempting to ruin the United States.
You are, come Hell or high water, going to support him because at least he isn’t a Republican.
People often do stupid things, like voting for the wrong politicians for the wrong reasons. At least in China, where the people have no vote, the population bears no guilt for voting in the wrong leaders. It’s hard to share a ‘high five’ when you’re in chains, but…HIGH FIVE, Chinese population!

But it doesn’t matter. We’re all going to end up in either Hell or Heaven. You’re either waiting for your redemption or your destruction. Carry on.

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