Sunday, December 06, 2009

No…Well. Uhuh. But…You See…

“Here’s the deal, nutty crazy persons. You earnestly want to make your point. You desperately want me to agree with you. But there’s a problem…you're nuts! To agree with you, I’d have to flip 180* away from Reality, and I’m kind of comfortable, looking up at the sky and down at the ground. I don’t know how to say this without hurting your feelings, but you, your assumptions, conclusions and ‘facts’ are all wrong, false, unreal; all trumped by the Reality which seems to be such a problem for you. Have a good day.”

So would go my answer were I confronted by either of the reality-impaired naifs I caught being interviewed on PBS today. Their interviewer was of one mind with them, except possibly a bit more ridicualable. He was, after all, the host of his own show on PBS. Gravitas, right?

What was it that so bent their brains? Same old same old: Jews. Israel. Yawn.

Nobody gets worked up over the Irish anymore, and the Italians have been skating for years…what is it about the Jews which gets people so worked up?
One of the interviewees, a woman named Schwartz, was quick to point out that the problems of Gaza can’t all be laid at Jewish feet, as (and I quote): “There are a LOT more Christian Zionists in the world than Jews.”

Oh my head. I think she means me, as I am a Christian who does not believe that God has abandoned the Jews. I not only support Israel’s right to exist, I will shout from the rooftops that it DOES exist. I believe that when the Lord returns, He will set up His earthly Kingdom with Jerusalem as His Capitol.
Homework, meaning looking it up for yourself will mean more than my quoting the scripture here:
Zechariah chapter 8:21-23 and all of chapter 14. Mighty cool!
Oh, and crazy triad on PBS? If Israel offends you, don't go there. Big world, lots of choices.
Personal to Ms. Schwartz: "Eligbi ala Caba, beleti ola be." Have a nice day.