Thursday, March 10, 2011

We Know Who Put The sin In Wiscon-Sin

I have a cruel taskmaster, which goes by the ignominious title of a "elliptical trainer". It makes me hurt at the gym by not making me the time. It feels great, and I am tempted to overdo...but the 'repent at leisure' kicks in during my last two hours at work if I do.
Usually I take it easy, but today I was churning and burning like a daytrader while watching the Reverend Jesse Jackson bobbing and weaving around questions on Fox News.
He was attempting to make the point that if Wisconsin Governor Walker succeeds in his agenda, 'the middle class and the poor will suffer the most while the rich keep getting richer'.
I guess the right for unions to dictate to employers vacation and sick days is some sort of 
I do not work in Government Service; my vacation/sick days, my health care insurance are dictated to me by my employer, and I am fine with that. I have great benefits, and I've EARNED them.
Employees at my company get raises not through 'collective bargaining' (which I think is code for threatening to strike). We earn them. If we aren't happy where we are, we switch to another company with better benefits/pay.
The rabble-rousers such as Jackson and the unions have failed in Wisconsin. You know that they are beat when the news stories start declaring that Walker has handed them future victories by energizing their base.
Nah. The Democrats/unions energized the citizens of Wisconsin by robbing them blind with taxation and demanding the right to bankrupt the state. Those energized citizens voted in a Republican Governor who had to face some of the same problems as Gov. Christie in New Jersey.I wish them both much success.
Back to my taskmaster. I 'suffer' now to ensure a better, healthier future. In Wisconsin, they are going to be doing the same-tightening belts, cutting waste- all in the hope that their state will become more financially solvent in the future. I might not see another Democratic Governor in Wisconsin in my lifetime.


Doug said...

I haven't 'gone political' in quite a while, and I am not ready to get back on that dead horse yet. This is a "one-off" post, and now I need to rest.

Doug said...

bye the way-the picture top right on the front page is of my grandfather and his brothers back when cars were such a novelty that you would get your picture taken like that.
He once worked as a stonemason...for Al Capone in Chicago.