Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Imprint Non-sustaining

Try as we might, Mankind (which often isn't) has no effect on God's Creation. We can't deforest the Amazon-God keeps growing trees. We can't use up all the water-He keeps sending more rain.
Look at the picture. The building seen above the fancy car was a small cabin/sauna. All that is left now-a rectangle of cement floor. You didn't even know about the floor until just now, and would never have missed it in any case.
In Vilnus, Lithuania a mass grave was unearthed at a construction site-it turned out to be remnants from Bonaparte's retreat, when Napoleon failed to pick up Russia as a trophy for his Empire. All gone now. After Napoleon it was someone else's turn to play bigshot.
Once upon a time, Germany thought it would be darling if every country in the world was known as "Germany". Nope.
In the physical world, man fails. In Civilization, man fails. Alexander The Great may have had his likeness stamped on coinage, but his influence on the world died with him. You couldn't buy a cup of coffee with those coins today.
God does hold sway over His Creation with style that turns men green with envy. Where Man cannot keep a civilization going for more than a few thousand years, God is Eternal, His Creation will last until He replaces it with one fit for Eternity. Mighty cool.

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Doug said...

I hope all of my tree hugging friends will be extended God's Grace and be with us in Heaven-Heaven being wherever God is. This world is going to be destroyed and replaced with better, which is what I was mentioning in the last part of the post.
But this that we see and love will all be gone. All trace of sin, of sins effect on God's Creation will be burned away. Gone.
Replaced with Beauty such as our human hearts cannot now comprehend.
Mighty cool indeed.