Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Inelegancy Of Manic Wide-eyed Panic

The more the ground shakes under one's feet,
the greater the calamitous circumstance...
the greater my faith in God.
A world filled with troubles has one message:
"There is much to fear."
But a heart filled with God's Spirit responds to a different message:
"God Loves you and all will be well."
The certainty in uncertain times is that God stands outside of Time-He knows
the end from the beginning, and assures us that someday all fear/troubles
will be past and forgotten.
May God keep you.


Doug said...

Once again I am indebted to Google Images for my picture. It actually kinda works well with the bookshelf background.
It was the great sage Pat McManus who developed the "Modified Stationary Panic" (MSP) for hunters in the woods spooked by a growly sound-rather than "Pinball Panic"-running into/bouncing off of trees and brush and ending up in the next county, a practitioner of the MSP would stay in one place,jumping up and down, the adrenaline kicking out like a pressure relief valve stuck open. I believe the ritual included some words which you won't find at FDW.

The WORLD is all about uncertainty and their being nothing worthy of trust.
99.99999 of the world's problems poof into inconsquence when God is trusted.
Name a problem. Is it a problem too big for God?
Then there is no problem. See how that works?
I've said before that if I weren't a Christian, this world would scare me. But I am and it doesn't. Peace like a river.

Doug said...

Here's a headline for you:
"Kinky Friedman endorses Rick Perry for President!"

The Kinkster ran against Perry for Governor of Texas, but has had a change of heart-Kinky said that he would vote for anyone, even Charlie Sheen, if he ran against Obama.

It looks like Friedman has moved from 'politically incorrect' to politically sensible.
Rapid City, South Dakota