Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time On For Bad Behavior/Werewolves of London

Brits gone wilding. Riots and lootings and bricks through windows, oh my.
There doesn't seem to be any reason for all of the violence. I thought we had "Civil" in our Civilization, but maybe this is telling of our true nature: no matter how mannered and modulated our lives, under our collective skins we are still cavemen. Think about it-how do we describe someone who is an example of purity and good?
A Godly person, one like God-loving and peaceful, long-suffering and patient.
What do we see in the streets of London and Manchester? Other.
We ARE responsible for our actions, friends. These looters are not doing themselves any favors, are hurting the society they live in, are sinning against their world and themselves.
I doubt that you will find any Christians among the rioters. Just Other.

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Doug said...

Possibly you might not recognize the photo. Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange"

It is one of Kubrick's weakest works, which has aged horribly.