Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Don't Want To Live Like A Refugee

HAH! I KNEW I'd seen this act before! This OWS movement-where the alleged poor have-nots complain and revolt against the allegedly rich haves.
History lesson. In 1948 the United Nation created two countries: Trans-Jordan and Israel.
The Arabs living in Israel who did not want to become Israeli citizens booked out of town, left hearth and home and headed for Trans-Jordan.
The powers that were amongst the Arab 'leadership' pushed them back to Israel's border, set them up as political refugees and demanded that Israel be wiped off the map for 'stealing' their homes.
The "Palestinian" refugee camps serve only one purpose: to give the Arab peoples a marker, an aggrieved populace to champion who had been 'dispossessed' of their birthright...which they gave up when they refused to become Israelis.
Want to know a secret? Some of the Arabs stayed, became citizens, have lived under a democracy for over 60 years. They have all of the rights we enjoy here, including the right to worship Allah, and the right to vote.
There are Arab members of the Israeli parliament. Jews can't even set foot in Saudi Arabia, but Arabs in Israel live free.
On to Wall Street. Refugees from Capitalism are being championed by rich Leftists, poor communists and Michael Moore, that old one percenter dissenter.
Yasser Arafat skimmed billions of dollars off of the World support which was supposed to be helping the poor Occupy Israel ragmuffins.
Who will profit from Occupy Wall Street? Not the folks living in the Wall Street, an aggrieved populace with hardly an outlet charge their iPads! Inhumane!
Of course, they go home on weekends... to the Hamptons, while the Union thugs lowest on the graft ladder earn their keep with weekend duty as replacement (scab?) outraged citizens. Joking. Almost.
So-who will profit from this exercise in futility? No one. 40 years from now old Leftists will be applauded in the Party meetings for their OWS efforts in 2011. They might have been assistant substitute teachers in Paducah, but they will claim with pride that they stood up to "THE MAN" on Wall Street. Power to the feeble!

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Doug said...

If the OWS really want to leave Capitalism behind, they will have to leave America, go somewhere that accepts shiny rocks for currency and then stage a sit-in because someone else has all the really nice shiny rocks.
You know, Cuba is only a few miles away from the United States-if they don;t like Capitalism, maybe the Castros will take them in.
but they'd better hurry-I heard last week that Cubans may soon be allowed to own property again...another victory for Capitalism and common sense.