Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No-You're A Muppet!

It's a Memory Wednesday.  Back before you were born, in the second to the last decade of the past century I was 100 miles from the nearest 'real' rollerskating rink. Middle of Cold Winter, not much to do in our home port...I and a few friends went for it-all the way to Sault St. Marie, Ontario Canada to enjoy a skate.
The highlight of the night was a rinkfull of Canukians (plus three Coast Guardsmen) grooving in circles to
"The Rainbow Connection" from the big hit "Muppet Movie" Exhilarating. So was the ride back with no heat in the car...but it was all worth it. We stopped at the "Big Boy" restaurant in the American Sault. Good times.
There was a closer 'fake rink' in Alpena, Michigan, but too small; we were like dogs chasing our tails.
There's a new Muppet movie out now, but I doubt that it can re-capture the fun of those first movies. 
Tomorrow we celebrate as a nation being Thankful to God for all that we have, and all that He has protected us from. May you have a very good and Thankful Thanksgiving. Make a memory.

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Doug said...

One thing I'm thankful for is that God has continued to (put up with) Bless me, and has kept me safe and warm and on a course which shall end in Heaven. There is so much to be thankful for that we never run out of Blessings.
I don't make much of numbers here at FDW,but I noticed that this is my 750th post in seven years. Wow.
One of my favorite humor authors is Robert Benchley-he specialized in light, pithy humor, for "The New Yorker", on stage and also in movies.
Towards the end of his life the writing came very hard for him, as he had troubles with alcohol and her personal life. He couldn't write funny anymore.
I feel as fresh as day one. I think that I've developed some small skills here, and I hope to continue to FDW for the forseeable.
May God grant you the Grace to laugh often.